GHD West

A Division of Greene HD Productions

In 2005 we opened the new west coast division of GHD productions, GHD West, operating out of Los Angeles.

Recent Projects:

Swinging Radio England

GHD completed a one-hour documentary about Pirate Radio in England in 1966, which also touched on Radio London and Radio England, and the Americanization of rock music in Great Britain. Shooting was on-location in London and Texas. This program is fun, hip, and exciting, while presenting the musical climate of the 60's, and the history of this great rebellion in a way that will inform even the most knowledgeable of music historians.

Nine Inch Nails Concert

GHD was recently on tour with Nine Inch Nails for production of a concert DVD for their latest album, "With Teeth". Trent Reznor's theatrical style and signature vocals, paired with lighting design and performance, are unmatched by any band today, making this a must-have for any music fan. This program was released as a pay-per-view event and on Bluray and DVD.

The Legend of Meramec Caverns

We traveled to one of our favorite old Route 66 haunts to tell the story of historic Meramec Caverns in a one-hour documentary. This entertaining outdoor adventure is fascinating from both a natural and a historic perspective. As legend has it, the Caverns were once used as a hideout for Jesse James and his gang of outlaws!

Building the Ultimate Road Machine - Marathon's 1000th Coach (Scriptwriting)

This one-hour documentary takes you inside the $2 million+ King of The Road, known as Marathon's 1000th coach. We follow the journey, from shell to delivery, of making this motor coach, and get a chance along the way for sneak peeks into other sumptuous private coaches and the luxurious lifestyle of these proud owners. After filming, footage is sent to California where the script is then written and revised and sent back to Texas for editing.

Samsung HDTV Demo for new PDP displays

Shot on location in Laguna Beach, California at the St. Regis Hotel, this five-minute piece called for perfect HD images. GHD West provided local casting, talent, hair/makeup, wardrobe, crew members, locations, and production staff. We shot innovative scenes with the new Phantom HD super slow speed camera, previously only utilized in military training, that truly speaks of the technology of the future.

IFC Caged Combat

GHD West joined GHD for production of two IFC caged combat fights. Shot in Billings, Montana and Columbus, Ohio, these fights are not for the squeamish. Mixed martial arts techniques are incorporated as fighters pair off inside a cage for incredible action, and the HD format allows up-close viewing of the blood, sweat, and tears.

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