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Who is GHD Productions ?

Greene HD Productions, a pioneer in the HDTV industry, has been producing High Definition programming since 1995, having first entered the video production business in 1988.

We have worked with numerous broadcasters domestically such as Velocity, History Channel, Outdoor Channel, PBS, Speed, HDNet, and many others. Overseas including NHK (Japan), BBC (UK), Discovery (UK), and have several international program distributors we work with.

In 2007 we partnered with Apple Computers and Marathon Coach to create a new generation in multi-camera production trucks. The technology we helped introduce and create is now a standard in the industry for mobile production workflow.

We have enjoyed long term relationships with numerous corporate clients (Samsung, Philips, Sony, JVC), including other Fortune 500 companies as well as serving the needs of small business and individuals.

Our primary goal is providing the highest quality High Definition programming available today using the latest technology and the most skilled professionals in every discipline of the production process.

We have a shelf full of trophies and awards attesting to the excellence of our work, including the first of 14 Telly Awards for the project that launched our HD business over 25 years ago.

In 2001 we were nominated for an Emmy Award for our program “Texas Wild.”

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