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Footage from "Texas Wild"

Natural Areas-
Caddo Lake
East Texas Forests
Gulf of Mexico
Bat flights from Austin, Tx.

Plains of Texas
Big Bend Area
Davis Mountains
Monahans Sandhills (over 70 feet high)
Misc. Cavern Shots in Texas
Westcave Preserve
Canyon of the Eagles
Lake Buchanan Dam & Preserve

Mexican Free-Tail Bats
Great Egret
Great Blue Heron
Texas Tortoise
Pine Snake
Indigo Snake
Wood Ducks
Southern Copperhead
Western Cottonmouth
Snapping Turtle
Timber Rattlesnake
Dragonflies (green, blue, white)
Brown Pelican
Mexican Milk Snake
Trans-Pecos Rat Snake
Alligator Lizard
Red Phase Owl
Gray Owl
Red-tailed Hawk
Harvester Ants
Orb Weaver (spider)
Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Cottontail Rabbit
Wild Turkey
White-tailed Deer
Western Coachwhip
Sand Cricket
Blister Beetle
Walking Stick
Darkling Beetle
Robber Fly
Spotted Ground Squirrel
Green Inchworm
Garden Spider

Footage from "Land of the Giants" (Redwoods)
Giant Redwood groves in sunlight
Giant Redwood groves in fog
Giant Redwood groves during the rainy season
Close-ups of bark, needles, cones, etc.
Live hollow tree
Root Systems
Fern Canyon
Nursery Logs
River Shots
Coastal Shots
Priarie Shots
Elk (buck & doe)
Sea Lions
Sea Otters
Stellar Blue Jay
Banana Slug

Footage from "Birth Of A Legend"
1999 Corvette; various road shots
1966 Corvette; various road shots
1963 Corvette; various road shots
1957 Corvette; various road shots
Plant Mfg. footage in Bowling Greene, KY.
Misc. footage at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.
Neon Signs on Old Route 66
Court motels on Old Route 66
Abandoned gas stations on Old Route 66

Footage from "The Lone Star Adventure"

Ft. Worth/Arlington Area:
Tarrant County Courthouse
Bass Hall
Water Gardens
Stock Yards
The Ballpark in Arlington
D/FW Airport
Six Flags Over Texas (various)
POV from The ShockWave rollercoaster

Houston/Galveston Area:
Rocket Park at NASA
Various shots at NASA
Various beach shots
The Grand 1894 Opera House (int. & ext.)
Bishop's Palace (ext.)
Aerial of Houston Skyline
Aerial of NASA
Aerial of ship channel
Aerial of San Jacinto Monument
Aerial of Yacht harbor

San Antonio Area:
Alamo Plaza
Numerous Alamo shots & angles
Riverwalk (various shots from a boat)
Guadalupe River
Gruene, Tx. (various shots)

Austin Area:
State Capitol (exterior)
State Capitol dome (interior, various)
Senate Chamber
Capitol grounds
LBJ Library (exterior)
LBJ Library grand staircase
LBJ Library reading room

West Texas Area:
Cattle crossing Colorado River
Cattle Drive (various)
3 Cowboys on horseback crossing river
Close ups of various cowboys
Barn Dance (various shots)
Old West Town
Cowboy in Saloon

State Capitol at Night
Big Bend National Park
Big Bend Area
Courthouse in Marfa, Tx.
Windmills (several)
Chasing Sheep
Chasing Deer
Houston Skyline
San Jacinto Monument
Rocket Park at NASA
Gulf Coast
Battleship Texas
Houston Ship Channel

Misc. Footage:
Scenes from Marseilles, France
Villages in Provence, France
Hot Air Balloons (1997 Albuquerque Balloon Festival) Not Available in the U.S.
Special Shapes Hot Air Balloons (1997 Albuquerque Balloon Festival) Not Available in the U.S.
River Footage with beautiful fall colors in Idaho Mountains
River Footage; camera floating close to water level
River Footage; camera floating close to water level with white Egret
1860's Log Cabin
1700's Texas Spanish Mission
Split Rail Fence
Cattle auction
Rodeo footage
Old West Saloon shots (1880's)
Old West Town shots (1880's)
Golf shots in San Francisco
Golf shots in Las Vegas
Extensive Footage of London
Extensive Footage of New York City
Extensive Footage of San Francisco
Extensive Footage of Hawaii (Big Island)
Resort Footage from Southern California

Currently over 70 hours of Airshow Footage: (call for detailed descriptions)
Jet Aircraft
WWII Aircraft
WWI Aircraft
Current Military Jets
Russian Aircraft
Stunt Aircraft

Footage from Sweden: (15 hours)
Glass & Crystal Blowing (many different techniques)
Carving wood moulds
Swedish countryside
Kalmar Castle
Over 250 different shots of glass and crystal pieces from everyday tableware to art objects
Glass auction

Footage from Route 66: (67 hours)
Complete library of footage along the road from Chicago to LA and every town in between
Various road shots, 4 lane, 2 lane, original one lane highway
78 interviews of notable people from stories along Route 66
Grand Canyon
Petrified Forest
Sedona, Arizona

National Park Footage: (42 hours)
Florida Everglades
Grand Canyon
Canyonlands (Utah)
Arches (Utah)
Grand Tetons
Big Bend
Mount Rushmore
Petrified Forest

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