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Route 66

The series covers the complete story of Route 66 from folklore and history, through its de-commission, to its present status as a national historic site. The production starts in Chicago and covers the entire road to Los Angeles, containing 78 interviews conducted over 8 states. As the automobile began to replace railroad travel in the mid-1920s, Route 66 became a two-lane avenue that connected farm roads to industrial America. More and more people ventured along the route through the Great Depression, World War II, the era that was folk music and the emergence of rock n’ roll. Single pump gas stations, drive-in movies, honky-tonks, truck stops and motels were the icons travelers saw along this route.

Airshow Extreme

Airshow Extreme is a HDTV series of heart pounding action, death defying stunts, with highlights of all types of aircraft rarely seen in this detail. World War II fighter jets, open air prop planes, modern day war birds, and air show regulars the Thunderbirds, to name a few, take us on a mission that is guaranteed to fascinate and thrill. We offer the viewer a rare inside look at what it takes to put on the most exciting airshows in the world.

Rhythms of the Road

In each of the 13 episodes our travels will take us down America’s mother road, Route 66. At select destinations we will stop and discover the unique look, history, food, and folklore of each town. But the highlight of this program is mixing a concert series with the travel, creating a dynamic new series never before seen on television. Combining music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and a little country, there is something here for every viewer.

Corvette Story

This is the story of the evolution of America's Sportscar.  Produced for the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY for their main visitor theater experience.  Winner of a 2018 Telly Award.  (14 min.)

Crystal Kingdom

Come on a voyage into the world of glass... a journey of form, color, and exquisite design. Enter Sweden's Crystal Kingdom with it's rich and vital history dating back over 300 years. This program series takes an in depth look at the processes, people, and beauty that makes up Swedish Crystal. Shot on location this program is full of incredible images and great stories. We focus on glassmaking from about 8 different factories in the Vaxjo and Kalmar regions of Southern Sweden.

Pirate Radio

This one hour, rock and roll history documentary highlights Swinging Radio England, one of the original pirate radio stations in the UK in 1966. The sounds of the first ever 24 hour rock and roll station usher in the Americanization of pop music in Great Britain, while flaunting equally brilliant British bands from across the pond, to forever change the face of radio, and rock and roll, as we know it today. This show brings to you the raucous musical climate of the 60's and the history of this great rebellion in a way that will inform and entertain even the most knowledgeable of music fans.  (3 min trailer)

Texas Wild

This nature documentary has been showcased at the Jackson Hole Film Festival, CES, and NAB. It has won over 12 national and international awards, including an Emmy nomination. It takes the viewer across 8 different regions of Texas and highlights over 68 different creatures through some of the most beautiful HD nature footage ever captured on tape. This program has been recently updated with aerial cinematography and additional scenes.  (Full 30 min program)


This HDTV demo focuses on the Florida Everglades. Another one of our popular demos we follow an airboat captain around the swamp exploring all kinds of fascinating creatures, big and small.


In this HDTV demo we take a tour of some of the great cities in the world.


A beautiful HDTV demo that focuses on Hawaii.

Floating on Air

Come on an amazing HDTV journey floating weightless across the countryside. This very colorful piece of eye-candy looks rather 3 dimensional in HD. We focus on every aspect of Hot Air Ballooning, from launch and recovery, to competition and the beautiful night glows and special shaped balloons.

GHD Demo

Here is the original company demo reel, full of a colorful array of interesting subject matter.


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