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New Concept in Mobile Production

HDMC-1 is a fully tested and proven HDTV production mobile designed to fit different needs than the typical truck. More comfortable and roomy than any mobile on the road today and also more cost effective. One of the ways we reduce production cost and improve work flow is to ISO most or all of the camera feeds onto an uncompressed “tapeless” HD server system, custom built by Apple Computer.

HD or SD Multi-Camera Production
Designed to handle up to 12 High Definition camera feeds, this mobile unit is perfect for
concert, entertainment, and small sports venues. We seem to operate mostly with 6-8 cameras filling a niche market that no other HD mobile does today.

Post Production
The editing capabilities of this unit are immense. We have the ability to do complete post production on any project, including color correction, and provide a finished HD master on HDCam or any other format specified by the job. This system is one of the fastest and most versatile edit suites anywhere, and it just happens to be on wheels.

Motion Picture Support
This mobile is perfect for the motion picture industry as well. Providing a plush, comfortable, mobile environment to view dailies or conduct off-line editing. Any film director would feel right at home between the Italian leathers, granite floors, full kitchen and bath, specialty lighting, and roomy space that this machine provides.

Documentary Support
On the other end of the spectrum, this unit can provide a documentary producer with all of the production, editing, and office needs right there in a remote environment. As long as there is a paved road, your complete studio can be at your finger tips.

Major Events Support
At any of the biggest sporting events or award shows that the biggest trucks support, one element that often is lacking is a comfortable space for the producers and executive producers to watch the camera feeds, communicate with the director, and yet be out of the way of the crew doing the technical work. Well, today that is now all possible. We can mate this mobile with any other unit on the road today, take feeds and communication, and place them all in a viewing environment second to none in the mobile industry.

Editing and Server Capabilities

HDMC-1 is a first of its kind mobile unit taking tapeless high definition recording to the next level. With its one of a kind computer and server system built by Apple, there is very little that this unit cannot accomplish on the set or even on the road.

As an example, lets take a typical 6 camera shoot. The six cameras in the arena taping a concert would traditionally send 6 ISO feeds to HDCam decks in the truck as well as a switched master. Once the two hour concert is over, these tapes would be gathered up, along with the switched master and sent to the post house of choice. If the TD and director did an excellent job, then perhaps as much as 70% of the show will now be complete, leaving about 30% for corrections or simply better choice shots that were missed the first time live. Then you might add graphics and other effects. All this in the hands of an editor who at first is unfamiliar with the show and the ISO tapes. Perhaps after three weeks worth of work and post expenses the producer ends up with a finished product.

Take the same scenario with HDMC-1. While we can always do tape ISO as back-up, all the feeds are first recorded in an uncompressed (or compressed) server array, as well as the master switch. In our case, editing can begin even
BEFORE the show ends if needed. Certainly editing would take place as soon as the show is over, even as the crew strikes the cameras and set. With all of the master and ISO tapes already digitized and on the drives, days worth of work is not even required.

With the additional ability to edit while in motion. We can cut that typical 3 week edit schedule down to 3 or 4 days. Print to tape, do down-conversions if required, and be looking for a FedEx drop box usually before any real editing even starts in the traditional method. And one of the best perks of all, we usually will include post in the cost of an imaging package.

Saving both time and money. Our solution: Simple, Elegant, Productive.

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