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For Use As A Mobile Campaign Office:

Campaign Productivity
On the Cutting Edge
The political campaign today has changed dramatically with the last presidential election. The
traditional methods are fast being replaced in large campaigns with a new high tech approach,
that definitely is working. To reach voters today, you must have technology that can quickly
place information and especially video up on the net and social networking sites fast! This is
where we come in.

We offer a a first-of-its-kind HDTV production and political mobile office that has been
designed to take advantage of this new marketplace. Travel anywhere within your state and
have complete access to the internet, HDTV, mobile office, space for interviews, and make a
huge impression at every stop you make.

HDMC-1 took the television industry by surprise when launched 24 months ago. It won 2 best
of show awards at NAB 2007 and was featured in 7 industry magazine articles. HDMC stands
for High Definition Motor Coach. Your campaign has a prime opportunity to stay on the cutting
edge of this technology and reach voters faster and with more effectiveness than ever before

- A mobile campaign office, anywhere at anytime
- Your own television studio and media access point 24/7
- Comfortable and functional work environment
- Internet uploading access at all times
- Efficient and very cost effective for large campaigns

Unparalleled Services
HDMC-1 is a fully tested and proven HDTV production mobile designed to fit the special needs
of a major state or national campaign. More comfortable and roomy than any mobile on the
road today and also more cost effective. Think of this as mobile campaign headquarters, its
not just a bus, its so much more. Wrap the exterior in your campaign colors and logo and it
makes a huge statement coming and going.

Mobile Campaign Office
Complete mobile office and media center for any large campaign. Satellite internet access,
computer work stations, internet web services, as well as mobile interview, meeting, and general
work space while on the road.

Editing Capabilities
This mobile contains a unique “tapeless” operating system designed to record straight onto
hard drives. This will allow for immediate access to clips for editing while stopped or in motion.
Quickly create, edit, and upload video to the internet from anywhere at anytime.

An Example in Productivity
As candidate in a senate race travels from city to city he can have the speeches taped and released
later that day in HD on his website and social networking sites. He can conduct small
press interviews and his mobile staff can work on daily political needs while traveling to the
next venue. Never before was this possible using one vehicle in such a compact and efficient

HDTV on Demand
Complete HDTV television facility. Will be able to accommodate up to 6 cameras in a live
broadcast or internet streaming environment. Including a broadcast quality HD editing system,
with graphic and color correction capabilities.

Comfort on the Campaign Trail
This production mobile allows for sleeping accommodations for up to 4 core crew and full
bathroom and kitchen facilities. The comfort and convenience of this work environment is
simply unsurpassed in any campaign.

Cost Structure
- Our services are all inclusive, including a driver and media technician on board at all times.

- Budget designed for long term use, can be especially cost effective for use from 6 to 16 month campaign terms. Any campaign contract for 3 months or more has the option to wrap the bus in campaign colors and logos.

- Affordable weekly and monthly rates, turn key, including crew, cameras, and editing services. Each budget tailored to meet your needs.

- Daily or weekly rates available, contact us for specific information.

Download the information file by clicking on this link.

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