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RR Black
Just a few viewer comments from our test audience:

Made me tear up! Seriously! What's THAT about! Could it be that I brought home a black and white '55 Buick 2 door hardtop just like they did. I'm still in the building stage, but man.. that hit home. And the poor thing ('55 Buick) reflecting back on it's life while it was in the wrecking yard.. sniffle... Oh get out the hankies! I would watch and watch and re-watch this show should they keep it as real as what I've seen so far! Wow!.. OK, I'll be alright.. just very motivating, etc. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Maple Valley, Washington

That was a pretty cool and well done video, very tasteful and creative. Look forward to more. Best of luck with it. With stuff like that on TV, I might start watching it again; at least think about it anyway.
Berkeley, California

I like it. Nobody screaming and yelling like some of those other shows. Hope there's a lot more episodes coming.
Calgary, Alberta

Nice show! Does this really come on TV? It would be nice to see this then all the other stupid stuff on Speed, History, ETC.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Will there be lots of tattoo's and screaming? Maybe some guys randomly destroying perfectly good stuff so they can show how cool they are? Ooh, ooh, how about some contrived drama, like last second deadlines or employee difficulties?   If not, I will watch it religiously. EDIT: that car looks really, really nice.
Master Sgt. Mark W. Coleman Khakrez, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

If that makes it to TV, I will watch it anytime it's on. We never see cars like this on TV.
Cleburne, Texas

That was a cool teaser video ! Like others have said , if it's a real series , with real people in real scenerios ... I'll watch it without fail . Bring it on !
Near Reading , Pennsylvania

You mean there is someone out there that wants to make a show about our hobby that I can watch without wanting to shoot my TV? Best of luck guys, I look forward to watching it!
Austin, Texas

I liked it. There are enough (too many) gearhead shows on television with fake drama; we don't need any more screaming fights or impossible deadlines that are always somehow met with seconds to spare.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Let my voice be the next... If your show is a creative as that trailer then I am in for sure...those shots of the flash light on the dash were chilling, the wiping of the trim piece...something we all do. The transition from the past to the present is really what we are all about in this hobby. Reflect on the past while we live in the present! I'm all in...I want to see this.
Perth, Ontario

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