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Dream Machines
(8 x 30 series)

America’s Passion For The Open Road
The United States, more than any other nation, owes its modern existence to the automobile. From Henry Ford’s “Model T” to the freeway culture of the fifties, the “horseless carriage” occupies an even more iconic position on the American landscape than the cowboy. Cars take us where we need to go, and set our imaginations firing all the cylinders.

Dream Machines examines our preoccupation with all things vehicular, filmed in glorious High Definition! This collection will fill your mental tank with a wealth of automotive information. From classic car shows to motorcycle racing to profiles of industry leaders like SAAB and Corvette, Dream Machines comes fully-loaded with perspectives on this high-octane American obsession.

Episode 1: Greenwich Concours D’Elegance

Car lovers are not simply in love with their favorite cars; they are deeply passionate about sharing their fond appreciation of the engineering marvels with other members of the car showcase community (and product loyalty and genuine brand enthusiasm should never be underestimated). If you are looking to see car guys and women driving enthusiasts flocked together like wild and woolly happy sheep at one high horsepower wild oats location, look no further than the next Greenwich Concours D’Elegance event.

Episode 2: The Art Of The Sell

What does it take to sell a new car vs. a classic? We attend the Chicago Auto Show, one of the biggest events in the automotive world and see concept cars of the future as well as current makes. Then we visit a business that only sells classics.

Episode 3: Car Clubs
What’s so much fun about car clubs and local car clubs is that everyone is invited to come and play. If you don’t own a collector car, the owners love you to look at theirs and let you dream a little. If you are proud of your car or truck, then car shows occur every week-end, 12 months a year, in almost every city in America. Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, everyone adores looking at cars. Includes, classics, muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods, and new cars of all kinds.

Episode 4: The Find
One of the highlights of this classic series will focus on the shops that restore classics and build hot rods. Discovery and TLC have made these shows very popular though programs such as “Monster Garage,” “Chasing Classic Cars,” and “Overhaulin.” We will follow restoration of a classic car found in a very obscure location, call it a “barn find.” Keeping viewers interested we will be there for major issues that occur, hard to find parts, and crazy clients.

Episode 5: SAAB Aero Academy
SAAB has a serious attitude towards safety and reliability. But most people have no idea about this car’s nimble ability on the race track or it’s aviation history. Four times a year, select SAAB owners are invited to learn to drive and push their cars limits. A three day course taught by professional race car instructors. We watch everyday owners do amazing things with their cars on a race track in Atlanta. Lot’s of exciting action and competitive spirit.

Episode 6: Corvette
We take a close look at America’s sports car legend. With a visit to the one plant in the world that manufacturers this car, to the museum that is Mecca for Corvette enthusiasts. We also meet a man that has one of the finest Corvette collections in America.

Episode 7: Motorcycle Madness – Lets Ride
In this episode we take a look at all that is the motorcycle culture. We attend one of the biggest bike events in the country at Galveston Island, Texas. With over 100,000 in attendance there is something for everyone at this crazy event. Then we move on to the race track where we see another side of the bike craze.

Episode 8: Building The Ultimate Road Machine
This 1 hour documentary takes you inside the over $2 million dollar King of the Road known as Marathon’s 1000th coach. We follow the journey, from shell to delivery, of making this motor coach, and get a chance along the way for sneak peeks into other sumptuous private coaches and the luxurious lifestyles of these proud owners.

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