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For a century now, the air show has filled our skies with unprecedented thrills. Providing a unique synthesis of advance technology and Olympic-level athleticism, these events attract thousands of fans around the world. This exciting new series offer a bird’s eye view of the state of the aeronautics arts today. Superb documentary footage will place you right on the scene at important shows in Louisville and Houston, while other episode throw the spotlight onto individual engineering marvels of the past and present. Whether you’ve spent anytime at the exhibition grounds or not, get ready to soar to new heights with Air Show Extreme!

Episode 1: Behind the Scenes I
There is much more than meets the eye to putting on an Airshow. So much goes on behind the scenes for months ahead of time before the crowds start arriving at the airfield. In fact airshows attract more than 24 million spectators on an annual basis just in the United States alone!

Episode 2: Behind the Scenes II
Take a peek behind the flight line as pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and PR personnel get ready for the greatest shows in the air! From fueling the jets to last minute repairs on 70 year old fighter planes, there is never a dull moment.

Episodes 3: Aerobatics
Meet some of the biggest dare devils on Earth. Sean Tucker has made a name for himself as one of the top stunt pilots in the world. Hold on tight as we tumble through the air and even fly backwards in his specially built aerobatic plane. We fly with several of the best pilots including a wing walker!

Episodes 4: Thunderbirds
You are invited to join the most elite team in the US Airforce. The Thunderbirds have been demonstrating exactly what it means to push the envelope of man and machine for decades. We take a look at the pilots, their crew chiefs, and the media that surrounds the best of the best in the air.

Episode 5: Thunder Over Louisville
At one of the more unique airshows, this combines one of the few perfomances that takes place completely over water, the Ohio river. And one of the biggest annual fireworks shows in the world.

Episode 6: Wings Over Houston I
Houston is home to one of the largest displays of flight anywhere. In this episode they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of flight by placing the most amount of aircraft in the sky since WWII. Watch as over 300 planes cross over the airfield at the same time in front of an audience of over 300,000.

Episode 7: Wings Over Houston II
As the show in Houston continues, we witness fiery re-enactments of Pearl Harbor attacks and the Dolittle raid. Featuring the largest gathering of WWII fighters, bombers, and attack planes since the war.

Episode 8: The MIG-17F
During Vietnam the biggest threat in the sky to the vulnerable US Airforce was the Russian MIG. Built for speed and durability this aircraft became a legend. We meet Randy Ball, a pilot who spent 4 years rebuilding one of these aircraft and now flies it in the skies at the speed of sound in airshows across America. Often pulling over 7 G’s and throwing a flame longer than the length of the aircraft itself!

Episode 9: Aerial Refueling
When the USAF asked what aircraft we would like to feature while on a refueling mission, we jokingly said a stealth F-117 fighter. To our excited surprise, we received two of them for our story. Take a very rare flight and join us on a refueling mission with 2 of the most dangerous fighters ever built. Now in retirement, this unique opportunity cannot be repeated.

Episode 10: World War Two Warbirds I
No other generation of aircraft evoke more emotion or appear more romantic in the skies than those that fought and survived WWII. While the modern jets of today are far more sophisticated, there is just something about these old warriors that captivate the imagination.

Episode 11: World War Two Warbirds II
In this episode we continue our flights with the great aircraft from the 40’s. A look at both the fighters and bombers from the era.

Episode 12: Air Force Training
Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the USAF as a pilot in training? Well, soon you will find out truly how difficult a task it can be. Take a tour of the elements that all pilots must endure in training to fly the most advanced aircraft in the skies.

Episode 13: The C-130 Workhorse of the Air Force
Spend a week at Little Rock AFB, home of the C-130. Take flight just in time to join paratroopers in training leaping out of a perfectly good aircraft. And spend time in the new $16 million dollar flight simulator that is so realistic it’s impossible to tell the difference in actual flight and that in the machine.
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