60 Min. Programs

Programs Available for Broadcast or Non-Broadcast Uses

Floating on Air

Come on an amazing HDTV journey floating weightless across the countryside. This very colorful piece of eye-candy looks rather 3 dimensional in HD. We focus on every aspect of Hot Air Ballooning, from launch and recovery, to competition and the beautiful night glows and special shaped balloons.
1 x 60, Release Date: 10/08
Demo Available On-Line.

Swinging Radio England
This one hour, rock and roll history documentary highlights Swinging Radio England, one of the original pirate radio stations in the UK in 1966. The sounds of the first ever 24 hour rock and roll station usher in the Americanization of pop music in Great Britain, while flaunting equally brilliant British bands from across the pond, to forever change the face of radio, and rock and roll, as we know it today. This show brings to you the raucous musical climate of the 60's and the history of this great rebellion in a way that will inform and entertain even the most knowledgeable of music historians.
1 x 60, Release Date: 2/08
Demo Available On-Line.

Airshow is an hour long program of heart pounding, death defying stunts, with highlights of all types of aircraft rarely seen in this detail. World War II fighter jets, open air prop planes, modern day war birds, and air show regulars the Thunderbirds, to name a few, take us on a mission that is guaranteed to fascinate and thrill.
1 x 60, Release Date: 11/07
Demo Available On-Line.

The Legend of Meramec Caverns
Available in both 30 min and one hour programs, this voyage into the underground sanctuary known as Meramec Caverns is fascinating from both a geographical and historic perspective. Only High Definition 1080i can bring you this close to the beauty and wonder of the inner earth, as bedrock erosion and the careful hand of time leave us with a geological
jungle to explore.

Building the Ultimate Road Machine - Marathon's 1000th Coach

This 1 hour documentary takes you inside the over $2 million dollar King of The Road known as Marathon's 1000th coach. We follow the journey, from shell to delivery, of making this motor coach, and get a chance along the way for sneak peeks into other sumptuous private coaches and the luxurious lifestyle of these proud owners.

Created for broadcast use, includes holes for 5 commercial breaks. Release Date 2/1/06
Originated on 1080i.

Outride the Devil
Outride the Devil, A morning with Doc Holliday, is available in 60 minute and 90 minute formats in both High Definition and Standard Definition versions.  This critically praised original one-man show presents highlights of the last fourteen years of the life of Doc Holliday the frontier dentist, gambler and gunfighter and culminates with a re-enactment of the gunfight at the OK Corral. From the Fort Worth Star Telegram review: "Kit Hussey...may well own the definitive portrayal of the dentist turned gambler and gunfighter..."  And, "Hussey...provides a thunderous enactment of the nine-gun shootout..."

Created for broadcast use, includes holes for 5 commercial breaks. Two different versions available.
Originated on 1080i.

Wings Over Houston
This airshow highlight program is exciting to watch for all viewers. Showcasing aircraft performances from the F-16 to various stunt pilots, and World War II flying fortresses and fighters. Includes the CAF presentation of Tora, Tora, Tora, and the Air Armada. The Armada was a very unusual event that included over 100 vintage aircraft in the air at the same time, a sight probably not seen since the second world war.

Created for broadcast use, includes holes for 4 commercial breaks.
Originated on 1080i.

Texas Independence
People all over the world know Texas. They love the image of Texas and Texans, even if they've never met one. They can look at a map and point out Texas. Ask a Texan where he's from - he'll just say Texas. The novelist John Steinbeck perhaps said it best: "Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word." This program is about those who fought and died for that dream.

Created for broadcast use, includes holes for 5 commercial breaks. Three different versions available.
Originated on 1080i.

Johnnie High's Country Music Revue
Johnnie High has been putting on one of the most successful continuously running country music shows for the past 31 years. We bring one of these shows to the HD television audience for the first time. Designed for a PBS audience this show features talent of all ages. Over the years Johnnie has discovered many new country artists, Lee Ann Rhymes and Steve Holy just to name a couple. It's very common that some of his talent become finalists on the popular "American Idol" series.

Created for broadcast use, includes holes for 4 commercial breaks.
Originated on 1080i.

Steve Holy Concert
Country music star, Steve Holy, put on a prime concert performance for our cameras. Steve has been at the top of the country music charts several times over the past couple of years, "Good Morning Beautiful" being a number 1 hit for over 7 weeks. This concert includes some of his newest hit singles being released in 2006.

Created for broadcast use, includes holes for 4 commercial breaks.
Originated on 1080i

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