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1997 High Definition Production Schedule

August 1997 / "Texas Wild" - Texas is one of the most diverse states in the nation. This documentary will take you across Texas from the swamps of Caddo Lake to the mountains of the Big Bend area.

Production: A look at the wildlife of Texas as never before seen. One of the most diverse states in the union, many people believe that there's mostly dust, tumble weeds, and oil wells. There is some of that, but parts of Texas are beautiful and mostly unseen by many Americans. We traveled over 2,450 miles to capture more than 50 different critters. In addition to the animals there are multiple panoramic HDTV shots of swamps, lakes, wetlands, forests, ocean, mountains, plains, and the desert sands. Winner of 10 National Awards and 2 International awards. Nominated for an Emmy in 2000.

Uses: This 30 minute documentary will be available for HDTV broadcast by November 1997. We also have over 14 hours of raw footage that can by purchased for HDTV demo material. A few of the shots are so crisp and clear that they almost look like 3-D according to some HD engineers.

October 1997 / "Land of the Giants" - Our assignment was to produce the first HDTV documentary for the National Park Service. The program encompasses the grandeur and beauty of the Giant Redwoods of Northern California and will be shown in the first HD theater built for the park system. Breathtaking footage featured in this production includes elk, sea lions, Stellar Blue Jays, Banana Slugs, and, of course, the world's tallest trees. Winner of 1998 Telly and Communicator Awards.

October 1997 & 1998 / "Albuquerque, NM Balloon Festival" - A joint production with PBS and HD Vision. A documentary covering this well known balloon festival where there are literally hunderds of hot air balloons in the air at one time. This was the first time that this had been taped in High Definition.

1998 High Definition Production Schedule

July 1998 / "Bats!" - A production that we are working on in conjunction with HD Vision for NHK of Japan. This 30 min. documentary will focus on the unique and bizarre characteristics that surround the millions of Mexican Free-tail Bats in the city of Austin, Texas.

August 1998 / "Birth of a Legend" - This heart pounding production takes the viewer for a ride on the wild side. Showcasing the history and charisma of America's legendary sports car. When completed this traveling exhibit will be for many American's their first look at HDTV, as it is shown at some of the largest Chevrolet dealerships in the Southwest.

Birth of a Legend contrasts the old and the new. The piece begins with vintage black and white footage of the first Corvette in 1953, with the Corvette in the showroom, on the race track, and along the American road. We are then introduced to the 1963 and 66 models. The 1999 Corvette follows with a stunning display of the most unique driving machine ever built, shown in the first time in high definition.

The story of the Corvette continues as the viewer is introduced to US Highway 66 and taken on a nostalgic ride as the two American icons connect. In vivid long shots, close-ups, motion, and static shots, the music of the era takes us through the desert, a motif that is the heart of the story. The modern Corvette meets and experiences the mythic highway with all its neon and nostalgia. Classic Corvettes in sumptuous black, gold, red, and green colors, drive along the picturesque roadway and even engage in a drag race. Shots of desert sunsets, glaring neon motel signs, and service stations create the contrasting environment that makes the experience of driving Route 66 in a Corvette memorable.

In the final 90 seconds, shots of the '99 model races along America's roadways and drives over hills and around curves of today's Route 66. We are reminded that the Corvette's sleek, sexy design still holds our attention and captivates our imagination.

October 1998 / "Scenes From Provence" - This beautiful short HDTV demo program takes the viewer on a quick journey to the South of France. This video does an excellent job of showing detail in color and texture that can only be seen with this new technology.
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