HD Production 1999 - 2000

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1999 High Definition Production Schedule

July 1999 / "Reaching High" - A production that we are working on for National Health Insurance Co. This documentary will chronicle the rags to riches story of the founder of the company. Truly the American dream has been achieved by this family and the amount of funding and support that they give back to the community, especially helping children with Cancer is more than generous. To be completed by June 2000.

March 1999 / "Lone Star Adventure" - A production that produced for Six Flags Over Texas. This spectacular journey through the Great State of Texas. It will open on April 5 at the first HDTV theater in the Six Flags Chain. It is estimated that over 3 million visitors will be able to enjoy this program in the first year alone.

This exciting 15-minute production is a high-impact, high-emotion HDTV time travel journey through the great state of Texas. Drama, detail, color, and motion come alive throughout the piece as only HD can do it. For many viewers young and old, this will be their first glimpse of high definition, so The Lone Star Adventure provides an explosive introduction to the new medium.
A recent national winner of the Telly Awards, Communicator, and Vision awards.

Opening in black and white, Pete (our cowboy) enters an Old West town that hsa appeared in the middle of a vast, open plain. When he encounters a dusty book, the images and words take him on an imaginative adventure across Texas. Stunning aerial shots, jump cuts, close-ups, and special effects make the entire journey exciting and memorable. Many of the sights of Texas captured in this piece will be shot in HD for the first time, giving the piece not only a historic significance, but a tremendous visual appeal as well. In nearly three-dimensional detail, the HDTV images capture the grandeur and majesty of the Lone Star State.

2000 High Definition Production Schedule

June 2000 / "Where Texas Comes Together" - A new program created for the LCRA focusing on the unusual and diverse aspects of the Central Texas area known as McKinney-Roughs. This area is rich in wildlife, flora, fauna, and history. This exhibit will open up to the public in late September of 2000.

May 2000 / "Beyond The Dome" - This unusual program takes the viewer to the Hidden Places and Secret Spaces of the Texas State Capitol. Hosted by Barry Corbin who plays the "Spirit of the Capitol" he takes a boy who escaped from a tour group through some of the most interesting sights in the historic building, the catch is that none of these unique locations are ever open to the public. This exhibit was sponsored for the Capitol Visitors Center by Southwestern Bell. This program will be open in the new Visitors Center by the first of August and will run for an estimated 5 years.

March 2000 / "Origins Experience" - A creative video designed for fund raising purposes. Arlington will soon be building a $75 million world class Smithsonian affiliated museum. This 7 minute production will feel more like a movie trailer than a fund raising piece. In the style of "Indiana Jones" the viewer will be intrigued with action and suspense as a mysterious crate under high security is moved from Washington DC to Arlington. Later to be opened in front of a live audience at a gala event of over 1,700 guests. Using two 26ft. HDTV screens this should be an exciting mix of both HD movie making and live action.
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