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2003 High Definition Production Schedule

September - December 2003 / "Route 66"
This new 14x30 HDTV documentary series highlights the past and present history of this historic part of Americana. Currently in various stages of pre-production and production, look for more information on this fun and exciting series soon.
(Due for completion in July, 2004)

August 2003 / "Crystal Kingdom"
This new 4x30 HDTV documentary series highlights the incredible beauty and rich history of Sweden's glass and crystal factories. With fascinating interviews, one of a kind art pieces, and an inside look at the factories of Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Afors, SEA, Studioglas, and many others. This will be an exciting and educational series for viewers of all ages. (Due for completion in December, 2003)

April 2003 / "Wings Over Houston"
This airshow highlight program is exciting to watch for all viewers. Showcasing aircraft performances from the F-16 to various stunt pilots, and World War II flying fortresses and fighters. Includes the CAF presentation of Tora, Tora, Tora, and the Air Armada. The Armada was a very unusual event that included over 100 vintage aircraft in the air at the same time, a sight probably not seen since the second world war.

January 2003 / "Texas Independence" - People all over the world know Texas. They love the image of Texas and Texans, even if they've never met one. They can look at a map and point out Texas. Ask a Texan where he's from - he'll just say Texas. The novelist John Steinbeck perhaps said it best: "Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word." This program is about those who fought and died for that dream. (Currently Available!)

2004 High Definition Production Schedule

November 2004 / "Moscow on Ice"
Filmed with four HD cameras, this incredible presentation on ice is not to be missed. The original ice skating and circus troup from Russia performs for a live audience here in the states.

October 2004 / "Luxury Motorcoaches"

For the fourth episode of the INHD series "GO!" we take a look at the elite lifestyle of the rich and their ultimate road vehicle. These touring palaces run well over 1.5 million dollars and up. This program includes and interview with the 2004 NASCAR champion Kurt Busch and his new Marathon Coach.

September 2004 / "Petey Pablo Concert"
In Nashville, TN. we covered a concert of "Kurupt" and "Petey Pablo." Our new production mobile provided an excellent platform to work from. This included a 40' jib, 20' jib, steadicam, two pedistal cameras, and a handheld unit, utilizing a mix of HDC 700 and 900 cameras. This is the first of a series of concerts we will be producing over the next several months.

September 2004 / "America's Sports Car"
For the third episode of "GO!" we explore the history of the Corvette. We will visit the National Corvette Museum and the factory in Bowling Green, KY. Included are historic footage from 1953, the new C6 on the assembly line, the new vette on the test track, and a proud owner taking delivery of a vette at the museum. For anyone with a love of sports cars this will be a fascinating program.

July 2004 / "The Good Life"
This half hour documentary and marketing program for Forbes FYI is exceptional fun, in high style of course. We join Chris Buckley (editor in chief of Forbes FYI) and several of his friends for a week-end adventure of sporting clays and SUV's. We compare 12 and 20 guage rifles valued up to $65,000 on the courses at The Homestead Resort and at The Greenbriar in Virginia. Then we take 5 of the most expensive SUV's out for a spin on the off-road course designed by Land Rover to test these vehicles limits. Join us to see which rifle you should be carrying in your Porsche Cayenne or perhaps the very agile Range Rover.

June 2004 / "Greenwich Concours D'Elegance"
For the second episode of "GO!" we visit the third most prestigious classic auto show in the country. We see (and meet the owners of) very rare Packards, Dusenbergs, Rolls Royce, and Bugatti's just to name a few. We even get a close up look at one of the rarest Bugatti's in the world valued at 8.5 million dollars! This three day event is impressive to say the least and we receive a rare chance to actually take many of these classics on a 40 mile road trip across the countryside.

May 2004 / "Saab Aero Academy"
Launching a new series for INHD entitled "GO!" This series focuses on any mode of transportation, from cars, boats, planes, and even balloons. This first episode takes place at an invitation event for new Saab Aero 9-5 owners. New owners from all over the US gather at Road Atlanta to learn from profrssional race car instructors exactly what extremes their new cars are capable of. It's a pretty amazing experience and one that we put you in the drivers seat through use of specialty camera mounts and indepth coverage of this two day event.

April 2004 / "Thunder Over Louisville"
Teaming up with WAVE 3 TV, an NBC affiliate for a live HDTV broadcast of this exceptional air show and the biggest fireworks display held annually in the Nation. This was a huge event with over a million spectators. The live broadcast lasted for 7 hours switching 3 HD cameras out of our mobile and 18 SD cameras out of another truck.

In addition, two half hour shows will be cut for INHD, one on the airshow and the complete fireworks show being the other. Look for these programs for re-broadcast in late May.

March 2004 / "The Secret Spot"
A 90 minute documentary feature produced by Gavin and Curtis Callaway. Our HDTV post suite is handling all finishing aspects of this soon to be released documentary on the world of water sports.

February 2004 / "Chicago Auto Show"
A new half hour program for INHD, covering the exciting release of 2004 and 2005 vehicles from an insiders perspective. Exciting viewing for any automotive enthusiast.

January - December 2004 / "Golf Destinations"
A new Golf series for Discovery, similar to "Royal Links" but focusing on different locals. Our post production facilities are delivering one new episode a month for the year of 2004. (12x30 series)

January - December 2004 / "Royal Links"
A new Golf series for INHD, based on the world's best golf resorts and destinations. Our post production facilities are delivering one new episode a month for the year of 2004. (12x30 series)

January - April 2004 / "Trinity Valley School"
A 90 minute documentary in high definition that defines what this outstanding private school in Ft. Worth is all about. Recounting over 50 years of history and where they are headed in the future of education. This non-broadcast program is for recruitment and fund raising purposes.

January - July 2004 / "Route 66"
Production is complete and we continue post at the rate of two new episodes a month. This new 14x30 HDTV documentary series highlights the past and present history of this historic part of Americana.
(Due for completion in July, 2004)
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