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2006 High Definition Production Schedule

January 2006 / "Songwriters"
Songwriters is a 30 minute series featuring singer/songwriters. What makes the series unique is the focus on what the artist’s motivation was when writing their song. In this series, the artist is interviewed and information about how and why the song was written is relayed to the viewer. The artist then performs the song and the original meaning can be understood. The dialogue in the interview is as important as the song itself. The thing that makes this series special is the quality of the artists and their songs. In this first season, 7 artists performed and below is a brief description of each artist.

The concept of Songwriters is for the viewer to learn something about an artist and their work that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do. Most fans never get a chance for a behind the scenes conversation and that is what this show provides. The show was shot in HDCam 1080i with F700’s and F900’s. It was filmed with 3 cameras and future shows will add a fourth on a jib. The show was shot at a studio in Dallas where we could control the lighting and the audio which was recorded in 24/48. The program can be delivered in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround. Future artists include: Jerry Jeff Walker, Billy Joe Shaver, Chris Wall, Mike McClure, Jack Ingram, Guy Clark, Rusty Wier, Todd Snider, Gary P. Nunn, Ray Wylie Hubbard.

March 2006 / "Nine Inch Nails Concerts"
GHD was most recently on tour with Nine Inch Nails for production of a concert DVD for their latest album "With Teeth". Trent Reznor's theatrical style and signature vocals paired with lighting design and performance unmatched by any band today, make this a must have for any music fan. The Oklahoma City and El Paso shows are currently in post production and release is set for later this year. This was imaged with 9 HD cameras, the F900 and F1500 series cameras using our 45 ft. production mobile.

May-December 2006 / "Radio Pirates"
GHD is currently working on a 1 hour documentary about Pirate Radio in England in 1966, more specifically, Radio London and Radio England and the americanization of rock music in Great Britain. Shooting on location in London and Texas, this program is fun, hip, and exciting while presenting the musical climate of the 60's and the history of this great rebellion in a way that will inform even the most knowledgeable of music historians.

June 2006 / "The Legend of Meramec Caverns"
We travel to one of our favorite old Route 66 haunts to tell the story of historic Meramec Caverns. This one hour documentary is fascinating from both a natural and historic perspective. As legend has it, this was once used as a hide out for Jesse James and his gang of outlaws. We will be examining these and other legends in this wonderful outdoor adventure.

September 2006 / "Red Tide Project"
Working with EISF (Essential Image Source Foundation) we will be producing a 60 min. documentary, focusing on Florida's Red Tide, called Harmful Algal Bloom, (HAB) This naturally occuring disaster is an issue that can effect any coastline in the world. Our team works closely with scientific experts who are investigating it's cause and effects.

October 2006 / "Everglades Demo"
Once again back to nature creating a new high end demo that highlights perfect HD imagery for a major electronic manufacturer. We head off into the wilderness of the Florida Everglades tracking rare birds and alligators. With beautiful sunsets and high speed airboats, we bring back images that reach out and grab the audience.

2005 High Definition Production Schedule

January 2005 / "Ray Hunt - One of the Last Horse Whisperer's"
This is possibly the last public presentation made by the most famous horse of trainers. Filmed with three cameras using our new production mobile, this two day event will inspire those with the love for horses for years to come.

February 2005 / "Johnnie High's Country Music Revue"
Johnnie High has been putting on one of the most successful continuously running country music shows for the past 31 years. We bring one of these shows to the HD television audience for the first time. Designed for a PBS audience this show features talent of all ages. Over the years Johnnie has discovered many new country artists, Lee Ann Rhymes and Steve Holy just to name a couple. It's very common that some of his talent become finalists on the popular "American Idol" series.

February 2005 / "Steve Holy Concert"
Country music star, Steve Holy, put on a prime concert performance for our cameras. Steve has been at the top of the country music charts several times over the past couple of years, "Good Morning Beautiful" being a number 1 hit for over 7 weeks. This concert includes some of his newest hit singles being released in 2006.

March 2005 / "An Evening with Doc Holiday"
We join the legendary "Doc Holiday" for a final appearance in front of a live audience, retelling some of the highlights of his life. This program was inspired by the popular one man show put on about the life of Mark Twain. This original play was written and performed by Kit Hussey, as he literally becomes the infamous character in his final days.

March 2005 / "IFC fights in Billings, Montana"
Our production mobile teams up with the IFC to bring home ultimate fighting through "caged combat." Shot with 4 HD cameras, this is one of the first series of fights shot in HD.

May 2005 / "IFC fights in Columbus, Ohio"
Our production mobile teams up with the IFC to bring home ultimate fighting through "caged combat." Shot with 4 HD cameras, this is one of the first series of fights shot in HD.

June 2005 / "Samsung HDTV Demo for new PDP displays"
Shot in Southern California, this film-style shoot pressed the limits of HD imagery. We were hired by Samsung to create a 5 min demo that would show off their new HD plasma (PDP) technology. Their only requirement, was that the images be perfect. This includes some high speed effects shot with the newest super slo-mo HD cameras. Running at roughtly 2,000 fps, these shots were truly fascinating to watch.

July 2005 / "Shane & Shane Concert"
We used our HD mobile to create a unique concert setting for this popular Christian music band. Using only 3 HD cameras we shot in a music recording studio with a small audience. Kind of an unplugged cafe style look. Great look at a very affordable price.

August 2005 / "Hawaii Demo"
This time we created more perfect HD images to show off technology for Philips. Our trip to the "Big Island" brought back an array of colorful and breath-taking shots and makes the viewer feel like they were there with us. We have been producing high end HD demos for almost all the major HD technology manufacturers for years now, look for our footage at CES and NAB every year.

October 2005 / "Art Adventures - Pilot Episode"
Our editing team was hired to edit and color correct this exciting new art series. Similar in design to the long running "Antiques Road Show" on PBS, this series focuses solely on art. Some fakes and some very rare paintings, each of the 13 episodes contains surprises. The pilot episode includes the discovery of a previously unknown Michelangelo.

September - December 2005 / "Building the Ultimate Road Machine - Marathon's 1,000 Coach"
This is the story of building the elite of the ultimate road machines. Marathon Coach has achieved a first in the luxury coach industry, building 1,000 coaches. No other manufacturer has even come close. This story takes the viewer through the design, build, and delivery process and takes a peek into a lifestyle that very few will ever experience. This is not your fathers RV, this is a palace on wheels. This particular coach exceeded the $2.3 million dollar mark!

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