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Greene HD Productions, Inc.

Greene HD Productions has a wide variety of releasable programs for broadcast and non-broadcast purposes. These range from short demos designed to highlight the high definition technology to full length series. Click on the categories listed to the left to discover what programs might be best for your broadcast needs. All of the programs listed are currently available.

Brian Greene, CEO of Greene HD Productions has been producing HDTV programming since 1995, making him a pioneer in the industry. Currently his main business is creating full-length documentaries for HD broadcasters, such as INHD, HDNet, Discovery HD Theater, Wealth TV, Voom, and PBS. Greene also has numerous overseas clients that he sells programs to, including NHK (Japan), and the BBC.

Recently he produced and/or edited six different series for HD broadcasters. This includes “Route 66,” “Crystal Kingdom,” “GO!,” “Royal Links,” "Art Adventures," and “Golf Escapes.” Since 1997, Greene HD Productions has won over 30 different industry awards including several Telly, Vision, and Communicator awards. In 2001 the documentary “Texas Wild” was nominated for a technical achievement Emmy. Greene’s latest addition to the company is the 45ft luxury production mobile equipped with up to 12 HD cameras switched in a style never before offered in this industry.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality programming. We shoot exclusively on HDCam and HD-D5 formats. While HDV is much talked about currently, we do not believe it is broadcast quality. For further information and education on HD formats, feel free to call or email us with your questions.

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