HDTV Editing

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Complete HDTV Edit Systems-

We came on-line with our first High Definition edit system in 2002. Now in 2009 we have 3 complete edit suites, all with complete color correction, graphics, and animation capability. This complete HDTV editing solution seemingly has unlimited capabilities. Whether you are finishing a project in 1080i, 720p, or in 24p we can now handle the job. With these latest additions to our production capabilities we are now truly a concept to completion facility with more experience in this format than almost anyone else in the industry in the United States.

Our editors are some of the best in the business. Their talent and creative ability help to complete this new suite.

Specs & Options:

True HDTV production monitors, not consumer grade
Full graphic capabilities
HDCam mastering & playback
HD-D5 mastering & playback
Any compression format
Downconversions to Betacam SP, DVD, etc.

Current Rates: Call for a custom edit quote; discounts available for lengthy edits. Tape stock additional.

We also offer rate caps, for longer feature or series length editing clients. Ask us about securing your post budget!

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