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Welcome to the GHD Theater:

On this page you can view trailers from some of our programs as well as HDTV short demo material.
The top half of the list are trailers, the bottom half starting with Route 66 are demos.

We have been creating very high end HDTV demo material for broadcasters and manufacturers since 1998. Every 3 min. demo is HD perfection, every single shot is specifically selected for its HD imagery and then color corrected to the highest of HDTV specifications. All of the high end demos are uncompressed and shot in the HDCam format. None of this material is HDV.

Some of our demo clients are: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Mitsubishi, NHK, PBS, BBC, and Discovery just to name a few.

We pride ourselves on only the highest quality material. Obviously what you see on this website is for content evaluation only, the clips you see here are highly compressed. The final demos can be delivered uncompressed on a hard drive or on any tape format the client prefers.

We also custom create demos on request. Often we never have to shoot new material, we can pull from our vast stock footage library that dates back to 1995 and we currently have over 1,000 hours of stock footage to choose from. Let us know if you would like us to build your next demo.

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