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This nature documentary has been showcased at the Jackson Hole Film Festival, CES, and NAB. It has won a Silver Telly, an Aegis, the Vision and Communicator awards and makes a spectacular demonstration piece for HDTV. It takes the viewer across 8 different regions of Texas and highlights over 68 different creatures through some of the most beautiful HD nature footage ever captured on tape. This program has become the most watched HDTV piece in the history of the format!

Land of the Giants
Our assignment was to produce the first HDTV documentary for the National Park Service. A Winner of the 1998 Telly Awards, Communicator and Vision Awards. The program encompasses the grandeur and beauty of the Giant Redwoods of Northern California and will be shown in the first HD theater built for the park system. Breathtaking footage featured in this production includes elk, sea lions, Stellar Blue Jays, Banana Slugs, and, of course, the world's tallest trees.

Thunder Over Louisville
Teaming up with WAVE 3 TV, an NBC affiliate for a live HDTV broadcast of this exceptional air show and the biggest fireworks display held annually in the Nation. This was a huge event with over a million spectators. The livebroadcast lasted for 7 hours switching 3 HD cameras out of our mobile. This production is spectacular HD.

The Good Life
This half hour documentary hosted by Forbes FYI is exceptional fun, in high style of course. We join Chris Buckley (editor in chief of Forbes FYI) and several of his friends for a week-end adventure of sporting clays and SUV's. We compare 12 and 20 guage rifles valued up to $65,000 on the courses at The Homestead Resort and at The Greenbriar in Virginia. Then we take 5 of the most expensive SUV's out for a spin on the off-road course designed by Land Rover to test these vehicles limits. Join us to see which rifle you should be carrying in your Porsche Cayenne or perhaps the very agile Range Rover.

The Neighborhood Forest
Created specifically for broadcast, this pilot or stand alone program is both exciting and educational for a wide variety of viewers. What do you do with a dead or dying tree in your yard? Burn it for firewood or send it to the landfill? No, see what incredible furniture and works of art can be created from that ordinary tree. A very eye opening program. See an ugly mesquite tree turned into a beautiful bookcase worth hundreds of dollars, and an old burl turned into a work of art worth thousands. And just think, this could be growing in your backyard too!

The Paul Wood Story
This documentary/biography will chronicle the rags to riches story of the founder of the National Health Insurance company, Paul Wood. Truly the American dream has been achieved by this family and the amount of funding and support that they give back to the community, especially helping children with Cancer and other cataustrophic diseases is more than generous. A motivational and heart warming program.

Trinity River Raft Ride
Our first HDTV production five years ago won two Telly awards. Now showing at the Living Science Center in Arlington, Texas, in the first ever High Definition Educational Motion Theater in the United States, thousands of visitors visually raft down the Trinity River on a picturesque, historical venture.
18 Min. Short

Birth of a Legend
This heart pounding production takes the viewer for a ride on the wild side. A Winner of the 1998 Communicator and Vision Awards. Showcasing the history and charisma of America's legendary sports car. This traveling exhibit is for many Americans their first look at HDTV, as it is shown at some of the largest Chevrolet dealerships in the Southwest.
12 Min. Short

Lone Star Legacy
Produced specifically for Six Flags Over Texas, this program presents a stirring look at the face of Texas as told through the eyes of a cowboy drifter and a magical time traveling book. This unique look at the State of Texas is sure to warm the hearts of every Native Texan and Non-Texan alike. Opens April 17, 1999 in Arlington. Will run for 3 years through the 2001 season. Winner of the 1999 Telly Awards, Communicator, and Vision Awards.
15 Min. Short

Beyond The Dome
This unusual program takes the viewer to the Hidden Places and Secret Spaces of the Texas State Capitol. Hosted by Barry Corbin who plays the "Spirit of the Capitol" he takes a boy who escaped from a tour group through some of the most interesting sights in the historic building, the catch is that none of these unique locations are ever open to the public. This exhibit was sponsored for the Capitol Visitors Center by Southwestern Bell. Winner of the 2000 Telly Awards.
15 Min. Short

Where Texas Comes Together - A new program created for the LCRA focusing on the unusual and diverse aspects of the Central Texas area known as McKinney-Roughs. This area is rich in wildlife, flora, fauna, and history. The exhibit opened up to the public in late January of 2001. For those fans of "Texas Wild" who are looking for similar, but shorter demo programming this production is for you. (Part 1 of a three part series)

Westcave Preserve: A Timeless Treasure
Another new program created for the LCRA focusing on the unusual and diverse aspects of the Central Texas area. This episode focuses on a very unusual natural cave and grotto that looks and feels as if it belongs in Hawaii instead of Texas. The grotto is rich with waterfalls, lush ferns and plantlife, and even finds a rare sight of nesting baby hawks. The small cave is 99% alive with new growth and cave structures. As far as nature demo material in HD goes this is about as good as it gets. This exhibit will open up to the public in late September of 2002. (Part 2 of a three part series)

Canyon of the Eagles - The third installment in a nature series for the LCRA once again focuses on the diversity of wildlife in Texas along the Colorado River. As the name implies, we look at the natural hunting grounds of big birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Hawks, and Buzzards. Additionally there are some beautiful lakes and falls in this preserved area. (Part 3 of a three part series)

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