Rhythms of the Road

13 x 60 Music Series

Rhythms of the Road
13 x 60 series)

In each of the 13 episodes our travels will take us down America’s mother road, Route 66. At 6 select destinations we will stop and discover the unique look, history, food, and folklore of each town. But the highlight of this series is mixing a concert series with the travel, creating a dynamic new series never before seen on television.

As the automobile began to replace railroad travel in the mid-1920s, Route 66 became a two-lane avenue that connected farm roads to industrial America. More and more people ventured along the route through the Great Depression, World War II, the era that was folk music and the emergence of rock n’ roll. Single pump gas stations, drive-in movies, honky-tonks, truck stops and motels were the icons travelers saw along this route.

The road, which allowed many to follow the American dream, begins in Chicago, the industrial capitol of the mid-west. After visiting Chicago, the series heads south towards St. Louis, touches Kansas on the way to Tulsa, then goes through the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico and Arizona to California’s Santa Monica Pier.

We will explore the old road along with the lasting and fabulous music it helped to create. With six concert locations, from incredible theaters, to historic hotels, an authentic cafe, a drive in theater, and even a cave! We will bring excitement back to small town America and share the experience with those in the big city as well.

Rock & Roll, Country, and even a little Jazz and Swing mixed in, we will combine history, folklore, food, and music together in a way never seen before on television.

The cast and crew will arrive in high style provided by Marathon Coach which will no doubt turn heads wherever we go. Between the reality of life on the concert tour, to interviews, tasting the flavors of the road, historic sights, and exciting music, this series will offer something for every viewer.

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